Friday, August 20, 2010

Rio Beaks

Rio Breaks: 2009
starring two friends Fabio and Naama
It shows the the different side of Rio

They both hope to use surfing as a way to leave Rio and go to either Australia or Hawaii to see how high the waves are.
These two friends in Brazil that use surfing as an escape to the beach to get away from the hard life of the hills, that keep them from the streets as the locals call it "Vietnam"". they both tell the story of how they lose family members from drug trafficking and gang related to Fabio father that was once in a gang and tried to get out, but his own crew killed him. but still suffer from the pains of his father death. and Naama brother had got gotten killed by the police.

Even if Fabio the one with the blond hair does not go to school and now on the streets with friends that is not part of the surfing crew and not surfing no more. Naama is still going on the beach everyday without him and would  rather go to the beach by himself. unfortunately, Naama hasn't yet been in a surfing competition, he had gone back to body surfing competition.

They get free surfer lesson from the locals surfers on the island. The only rule is that they have to stay in school. even if they are not blood related they still look after each other when in the hills. is not just them WHO  get lesson but other too. they said the beach is the only place where know one get judge by what they don't have, between the hills and the concerte. which means the rich and poor.

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