Sunday, October 3, 2010

kim bum and the Boys over flowers crew

kim bum is one of the cutest young actor next to his co-actor name kim too, in boys over flowers. this korean is addictive that i watch it for the whole 4 days thats how this so will nake you want to more since its so addictive lilke a drug on film.since the show is so lond, not like american show that probably 30mins per edisode. but like had to be like a hr for each show. its to bad it only 25 eposide but you want be sorry if you watch it. a good thing will have to an end. beisdes him there are 3 other cutes in the show and you will want to see it more. it so funny that most of thr character has the same first name. i wounder how to the director called there name if they make a mistake. HEY you Kim, not you kim the other kim. HAHA!. the show is basially about 4 guys named F4 who has all the power at this school over anyone and who every try to stand up to them wil get knock down my them. not usually by them but the whole school to do there diry work. they only get their hands dirty if its real serious. a girl named jandi who gotten in that school after helping a boy who an target for F4. was the the only person who stuck up to the F4 BOYS when helpng her friend but became the target afterwards. whil falling in love with JHIOO the the sweetest muican. when becoming in like with the leader of the group Jgoong aka curly head. YOU WILL FIND OUT THE REST LATER!.

Kim Bum

boys over flower crew

cartoon version of "boys over flowers