Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dam these sexy asian, you just want to drop an quarter on that abs

Let me tell you about these sexy bleep bleep Taiwan actor. They must look young in your American eyes but actually they are like 28yrs old and 26 or 27. That's how you keep on acting in Taiwan, you know how in Hollywood you gotta start Young to be a successful actor in the future. but no in tawain this men's body down on the left is Jiro Wang and over the age of 25 of one of the cutest not just actor, But musicians out there with his band. but no there more he's an artist and hold up, he went to college for the whole four years look at that. Usually us Americans has to drop out to start fresh in the business. he's has talent and smart. goodness i feel like I'm on a dating show in china telling the other candidate's about their qualities. And don't worry ladies, He can speak conversational English

Anyways the guy in the middle of cover sheet on vogue work on the same show with him in "momo's love". and when i saw him it was like god had open it window peak onto him. In other translation he was fine as hell. he's the buffets Chinese i had seen. Even Jiro have a secert body under that shirt that we only see on holidays.

                So, you need to buy yourself a plane ticket to Taiwan and paparazzi his ass around the country and have yourself a cute Asian baby.

P.S for y'all you serious about this. he love a girl who can cook, humor, nice smile, pretty of course and around for when he needs you. and see if I'm playing.

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