Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Micheal Jackson: Letter to Heaven

OMG!Michael Jackson is the most beautiful soulful guy out there. you just can't find guys like that anyone.These days African Americans artist are
ready to mess with any girls with a pulse, but not Michael. He focus on his music
and find the perfect girl for him.There is one good talented person that every decade need to have and
lucky for us we have the"King of Pop" Michael Jackson. Hopefully Justin Bieber wouldn't get wine up into
 the music business, so much that he will stop his music, just because the pops is destroying his life and running him out of the country, like they did Mike. will where ever you are Mike, i hope you get that magical fairies place where animal's surrounds you. Like you said in your interview. I know that everyone talk about how he changed his skin.Him dramatically skin change and nose wasn't for you to like, But for him to love himself. Even if i think he is the most beautiful creature that god ever made. we have seen the changes happen in the early 80's but we ignore it. That all i have too say that Michael i love you know matter what you look like. Someone told me if you pray or wrote an letter that it will be send to god in anyway and i believe that and i hope he send to Mike for me. Even if he don't know me.

P.S Janet, I'm so happy you didn't stop your life because your brother dead. Just know that he will live on forever in your heart and memories( kind of cheesy). He will be in a better place where one day you will meet him,But don't start a countdown yet because we still need you to represent the Jackson name in this music business. That leaves his dancing spirit in not just you, but in all of us. I'm sorry that everybody only notice how of good of pop artist he was until he dead, but he will not have to make that same mistakes again.

                                             WE ALL LOVE YOU, SEND UP TO THE ONE AND ONLY "KING OF
                                             POP" MICHAEL JACKSON.

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